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I had the wonderful pleasure of being with Sammie and Sean at Colshaw Hall this Autumn, to help capture their beautiful wedding. It was such a joy to film and then spend a couple of totally focussed week's to help create their perfect wedding films.

Of course what made it all worthwhile was the feedback afterwards...

The Teaser Trailer (1 min)

I just love being able to offer couples a Teaser Trailer, which can be formatted to go onto social media sites.. and shared with friends and family all over the world.

This creates a buzz about the upcoming film, and gets. everyone chatting again about the day..

My latest favourite is to produce a 'black and white' trailer, and leave the colours to explode on the full reveal with the completed movies.

"Oh my goodness, I just had to have a sneak peak! Ahhhh I love it!

Cannot WAIT to see the full version!

Thank you so much!"   Sammie..

The Main Movie (17 mins)

And so here it is.. three weeks later, the four films completed, and the exciting and slightly nerve-wracking delivery of the film to the happy couple. The edit is a total labour of love, and so much more time consuming than you can ever imagine. But - it's all so very worthwhile when you get an email half an hour later that reads like this...

"Oh wow Andrew! We are absolutely speechless! It’s bloody amazing! So much more than we could ever dream of 😭😭  Wow what a video, we were both in floods of tears watching it! 


Absolutely unreal, thank you thank you thank you! I don’t even know what else to say!

You’ve really made our dreams come true and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding film, and it truly is a film! The quality is amazing and the drone footage is just 👌🏽😍 


We cannot wait to show our friends and family and continue to watch it for decades more! Hopefully show our children one day! Wow I’m getting soppy, I need to stop... I’m crying again! haha!


All our love,

Sammie & Sean xxxx'

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