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Meet Your Storyteller

Andrew Guest

You simply cannot underestimate the importance of finding the right people to have around you all day at your wedding..     In my experience it can make or break the day you've worked so hard to create.

Couples always comment how relaxed and comfortable, reassuring and easy it has been to have me film their day. I'm always blown away from their 'testimonials' and it really does make the day so much more than a job..

Whilst I'm no longer a spring chicken, I'd like to think that the years of experience and skills I've acquired all go into everything I have to offer....

and that by choosing me, you can be assured that I'm going to be a trusted reliable force throughout your wedding journey, and someone who won't let you down in anyway. 

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Little Assistant
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Photo taken from the film - Kirsty's Wedding
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Dark Wood Panels
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A love of music, performance, technology, art, film

and telling stories has led me to this point.

Combining my skills and experiences of meeting and working with talented people all over the world, means I'm now in my sweet spot...

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 22_edited_edite

Only by writing this I realise that I guess I've always been a creative...

from drawing to composing music, constantly creating games, acting, singing & performing.

Don't worry I'm now a lot calmer and quieter, and like to hide behind the camera and capture others..

Whilst friends at Art College were on their midweek drinks night out, I found myself buying my first SLR camera from a local second hand store in Chester, taking black & white photographs of cats & canal in the streetlights..

About Andrew

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