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Of course, the best way to answer all of your questions is in person, so I hope to meet up with you soon (at least on zoom),

but in the meantime here's the answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions.

Do you offer any DISCOUNTS

Yes, I offer a 10% discount to anyone having a midweek wedding or an 'Off-Season' wedding too. (Nov-Mar) 

I'll also happily offer the same 10% discount to any NHS, Police and Firefighters, Teachers or Military personnel, as a special 'Thank you' for their service..

nb. Only one discount per couple applies - "Cheeky!"

Do you TRAVEL for weddings

Whether it’s in the UK or abroad, if you’re getting married and you want me to be the filmmaker, I’ll happily be there!

Anything over an hour away may incur additional charges for time & travel and for those further afield 'accommodation' will be discussed and agreed.

I can handle the logistics, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Last year saw me filming in Sevilla & Swansea, Edinburgh & Exeter!

How do I SECURE our wedding date with you

Do you require LUNCH

Quite simply a 10% deposit and your date is booked in & confirmed..

After that I will send you a remaining balance invoice, 50% of which is due four months prior and the last 50% a week before the wedding day itself. 

Why is a wedding film EXPENSIVE

Yes please, even if it's just a bar snack, as it's at least a 12 hour day for me (us). My assistant and I are both Vegan - thank you.

 I’ll use your meal time to back up footage to hard drives, and catch my breath, whilst keeping an ear open for any unexpected moments to capture.

When can I expect my FILMS

If you think of your wedding film as an investment, for a life-time of loving memories and having no regrets for capturing it perfectly...

It's a family 'heirloom' that will be passed on to future generations. More than that it's a piece of art that'll be painstakinly and lovingly created.

Top class 4K film cameras and drones, audio equipment etc. Once the day is done, I pour my heart and soul into editing your films. This often requires a couple of weeks of focussed work to perfect a stunning set of films, set to the perfect bespoke music, cut together with excerpts of speeches and vows that’s sure to evoke emotions in both you and your loved ones.

For me your wedding film as important as the photographs...  We spend the same time shooting and longer than in the editing suite afterwards.

I pride myself on working tirelessly  for my couples. You'll receive your Teaser Trailer films within a week or two, so hot off the Honeymoon you are blasted by the emotion of it all again! Then all the other films will be with you asap - but not rushed, as I want to ensure top quality so that you'll treasure them for life...  allow two to three months during high season.

Can we pick our favourite SONGS for the film

Choosing the perfect music for your wedding film is an important part of the creative process. I just love the musical side of editing and feel it's the key to a good film. 

Of course I'm more than happy for you to be part of the process and will encourage you to help me find the perfect selection of songs for your films.

We will discuss this more at our meeting.

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