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And Love Wedding Films


As a wedding videographer I get to film at new locations most weeks.  There's always a buzz finding new 

angles, views, set-ups and beauty spots where something magical can take place...

Highlight Films

Couples get to enjoy a Highlights Film to share 

before their full 'Film Collection' is created & delivered.

Cinematic Extended Feature Films

The cinematic feature film is usually around 15 minutes long.

It's the centrepiece of every Wedding Film Collection.

Along with the Speeches and Ceremony films, you are in effect getting around 90 mins of edited films that capture the key moments of your day.

Unique Feature Films

I'm proud to offer wedding films that you won't find elsewhere..

More than just a wedding videographer, I consider myself a filmmaker and make it my goal to make create work that you won't find elsewhere, such as the 'Love Stories'..

Other unique wedding films can be blended from special moments of your day such as your first dance, letters you've exchanged or a special Reading / Poem that was read out, to a musical performance. Anything that captured the day and made it a memorable moment in time.  I'm always on the look out for those moments and will work with you to encapsulate these on film.

So What's My Editing Process?

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